☼~Ïf ¥òÚ ÊvÉñ †hÔüGhT Õƒ Mè…~☼

When the rain touched the ground,
I thought I heard a sound;
I thought I heard you calling me,
But then I realised you were not near me;
I sent a message through the tender drops,
And wondered if you heard the notes;
I wished you to be on my side,
To kiss and caress and hold me tight;
I knew you would be busy somewhere,
I knew I’d see you someday somewhere;
I wondered, where you would be,
And if you even thought of me;
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☼~GëÑíÊ’š RεÄlm~☼

Hi All,

Welcome to my world! 🙂

This is an attempt at presenting my thoughts to all of you wonderful people, improving my writing skills, and increasing my virtual network (which could also become a real one with time). I am new to the blogging world and hope to make a prominent mark even if it takes time. I am in no hurry. I want to focus on the quality of my writing and content; so, I decided to do this.

Writing has come naturally to me, ever since I was a teen. I never did consider it seriously, God knows for what reason, but I plan on changing that. I do not really know what to write about specifically; hence, for now this blog is going to be mostly about free-flow text.

Now to introduce myself in a few words…I am a simple girl from India’s capital city who has completed two decades on planet Earth (approaching completion of three at a speed I really don’t like), a proud Muslim who is working on strengthening her belief and practice and a firm believer of fate and that everything happens for a good reason. I am a music lover, with a new found love for technology and gadgets, who also loves to travel (beaches being one of my weaknesses), read, watch movies and a bit of T.V (Dexter, White Collar and Friends… to name a few), eat, dive into the virtual world and satisfy my curiosity.

My favorite colours (as if anyone really cares about them :)) are black and pink and I totally love Persian food (Chelo Kebab Koobideh topping the list).

I used to be, and still am to quite an extent, a very emotional person. Something I am learning to come to terms with and control. My being this way, usually triggers a chain of thoughts which transform into words through my fingertips.

So, in the coming few…days…weeks….months and I’m sure years, you all will get a peek at what goes on in the deep recesses of this mind. I hope to get honest comments, suggestions AND a chance to plunge into your inner thoughts too! 🙂

Also, I would always be signing my posts as PB (my pen name: Phayte Bileever). So what are you waiting for? Start clicking and reading (and not to forget… commenting! :))

Love – PB

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